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About Our Food  

At Holohans, we are great believers in using Irish produce to create Irish dishes.

Like most cultures who value food as an important aspect of every-day life, our culinary heritage is wide and diverse, taking in influences from all over Europe through port cities such as Cork, Galway, Dublin and of course Belfast. The use of spice goes back hundreds of years, and we have always had a penchant for importing large quantities of French wine. British influences from the colonial days, through to more recent history have always had a large impact on our culinary heritage, for better or worse, but it is the ingredients we have always had in abundance on our little Island that has shaped our culinary repertoire.

Salmon, Venison and Watercress were considered gifts fit for the High Kings of Ireland, and so we think they’ll do just fine for our guests. Throw in the ubiquitous and humble spud, some of the best shellfish and seafood in the world, Lamb, Beef and Pork that is the envy of the world, cheese that would bring a tear to your eye, and the most incredible heritage fruit and veg, and it is clear that the Irish punch well above their weight when it comes to quality of ingredients.

By combining the peasant and country cooking of the West and South with the more refined and anglicised East coast influences, we have developed a perfect platform to show off Irish produce at its best, and allow natives and tourists alike the opportunity to discover what Irish food is really all about.

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